Trebles 2020-2021


Riley Schmidt

Outreach Lead
mezzo soprano/vocal percussion

Riley is a current junior at Aragon. This is her 3rd year in trebles as a soprano. She is a part of band as well, playing bassoon in wind ensemble. Riley has been singing since she was 5 years old and has had an amazing time so far. She can't wait to learn more.


Lydia Zawilski

Musical lead
ALto 2/vocal percussion

Alex Bloom

Mezzo/vocal percussion

Nina Natarajan

mezzo soprano

This is Alex, she is a senior at Aragon and a second-year member of Treble with Angels. When she is not singing a cappella, you can find her doing musicals and plays as well as being a member of Aragon’s Drama community. She fell in love with singing after listening to so many songs in her childhood that she wanted to follow in those singers’ footsteps, she was able to make a name for herself when being apart of musical theater and now she can dive herself into some new challenges. She can’t wait to express herself even more through the power of a cappella.


Emily Tsao


As an enthusiastic member of Treble with Angels, Group Name, Women’s Choir and Chamber Choir, Emily finds herself surrounded with music each and every day. She believes that with vocal performance, each person has the ability to express themselves using beautiful melodies and harmonies, and without the conflict of the real world and everyday struggles that each person suffers in their own destructive way. With the power of music, everybody has the chance to prove themselves worthy of whatever goal they would like to accomplish, whether it be about vocal performance or something completely unrelated to music. As a senior at Aragon, Emily strives to improve her musical abilities every day, and cannot wait to do so in Trebles this upcoming year!

China Porter


Hey everyone! My name is China Porter and I am a Sophomore and a new member this year. In my free time I love to swim, draw, travel, and of course sing and do music!


Sophie Cohen

mezzo soprano

Hello, my name is Sophie Cohen! I’m a sophomore at Aragon and this is my first year in Treble With Angels.  Besides singing, I enjoy listening to music, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. I’m really excited to be part of this amazing group and am looking forward to making fun memories


Ashlyn Tsui


Katelynn Hollandsworth


A sophomore at Aragon High School, Katelynn is excited to be part of Treble with Angels.  She has always been a very musical individual, playing bassoon in the Wind Ensemble and singing since she could talk.  Even though she doesn’t have any professional vocal training, Katelynn has “performed” in many shower concerts and sings with her family.  Outside of school, she spends most of her time dancing ballet; something she has done since she was 3 and has been en pointe for more than 2 years.

Sara Killoran